A logo design is more than a symbol. Make it right with a design purpose.


A captivating logo design and brand are essential for business identification and for creating empathy with consumers.

We know how important a stunning logo design is for business market leadership and staying ahead of the competition. Above all, your logo should leave a lasting impression by being beautiful and surprising.

Need help refreshing an existing logo?

Bold Bridge can help your company renovate and evolve your brand to show positive change, a new direction or growth, all while respecting your past identity.

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Qualities of a Great Logo

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The strategy for branding, positioning and how it will be perceived by the consumer are necessary parts of the logo creation process.

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Initially, the creation of a logo begins with the meaning and representation of the design. How will your consumer perceive the elements of the logo and will this fall in line with the core values of your business? Essentially, the format, creative elements and symbolism are critical for defining the brand.

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Your business brand should be easily recognizable. Bold Bridge creates logos with font personality, minimalistic icon design and eye-catching colour schemes.

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Scale and Readability

Your logo and branding will be represented on a variety of print and online mediums. Altogether, it is essential that logo elements be visible and readable on different scales.

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A good logo should be adaptable to the various print and online media where it will be used. Bold Bridge creates versatile logos with easy horizontal and vertical application according to the defined strategy and placement.

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Where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key. With a few stylized elements, our designer can create a logo that is timeless.

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